Monday, June 26, 2006


Great gig on Saturday--I guess. But I smashed the side of my hand in Thailand last week, and it hurt like hell after the show (see post-show pic). Aw, hell.

Thanks to the great audience literally chanting "Ali-MO!", we played well past our allotted ending hour. See, we were supposed to stop in time for the football/soccer match broadcast live from Germany on the giant screen at Fiddler, obliterating the stage. But nooooo ... our audience wouldn't let us go home!

Anyway, at least the keyboardist, bass player, singer and guitarist were rocking out, so I could hide behind the kit and nurse my aching hand. I smashed it against a table in fit of Bangkok rage, by the way. Stupid drummers ...

Here's a bad drummer joke for another tsuyu day: A little boy looks up to his mother and says, "Mom, when I grow up, I want to be a drummer." The mother looks down at her son with pity in her eyes. "Son," she says, shaking her head sadly, "You can't do both."

See ya in Roppo next month.


lisa said...

itai, in thai! sorry about your hand, gene. hope it gets better soon. it didn't seem to affect your playing, though. you were rockin' as always.
as for the drummer joke, i'm happy that YOU were able to "do both." ;)

anyhow --
yes, the Fiddler night was great! A great big ARIGATO to all the people who came out to see us. And a "we missed you!" to all the people who tried to but couldn't.

Speaking of injuries/bruises -- i don't know why i get so tipsy on stage. (it's probably the alchohol...). I keep falling and hurting myself. I mean, i never really feel the pain when it happens, but the day after, i find on my body all these bruises that i don't really remember getting. kowai desu-ne.
On Saturday, i fell again at least twice, and my dependable handlers (guitarist and bassist) had to either pull me back up on stage like a puppet or pick me up off the floor back on to my feet again.
I suspect that our guitarist gets a lot of bruises on his ribs too, because our stages usually being so small, i keep poking my guitar head into his side.
Maybe we should have a page where we can post pictures of all our lovely bruises. that would be fun.

Anonymous said...

Dakara orukohoru wa sonna nonja dame dayou to.....ittanoni na