Wednesday, June 28, 2006


In my non Ali-Mo life, I'm an author, a writer, an editor, a traveling journalist, a lecturer at Todai, and a genial madman of ideas.
Got hired to give a speech to the JLPP--an association of Japanese Publishers, Editors, Translators and Writers.
Lots of VIPs in the audience. No band surrounding me. And me, sick as a pike post-Bangkok, from which I flew the night before.
Drumming may be hard, and it smashes up your body, but at least--you've got a great singer, guitarist, bass player and keyboardist in front of you. And lots of NOISE. It's a 'mother ship' surrounding you up on the stage. You can sweat and look ugly behind a pile of other geniuses, volume, and big fat drums.
But when you give a speech, or a reading, or any other 'literary' performance, there's just you, a microphone, a bit of water, and your ... nerves. Everything you do and say is attributed to YOU alone.
It sucks.


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