Saturday, September 02, 2006

New Video Clips!

Thanks so much for all your support at our "summer tour" gigs! We've just uploaded 2 new video clips on our "video" page.
"Lady Marmalade" from What the Dickens, and "This Love" from The Fiddler. They're both a bit monochrome-ish and maybe a bit green-ish looking, but that's only because our videoman used "night mode" with his video cam when he shot them.
Okay -- hope you guys enjoy, and please write in your comments.

Also -- the band will be going into rehearsals this autumn to gear up with new songs.
If you have requests, please let us know!


Sarah said...

Dear Ali-Mo

I came to Rock Factory last Saturday, and I saw you guys look so 'tired' if I may say so.
keep on show... !

MIB Memble said...

Hi Sarah
Thank you for coming, hope you enjoyed our show.
By the way what do you mean "we look so tired" and would you give a comment to our last GIG.
Thank you