Tuesday, June 27, 2006


it's not that i'm an early bird.
feathers get ruffled -
and sometimes i just can't fall asleep.

4 years ago today,
a very great bassist passed away.
may he be resting in peace.

i wish i could rest in peace.


tim said...

ALIEN NIGHT MODE rocks my world. Great show at the Fiddler. As I told Roland, Lisa is quite a firecracker on stage -- not a surprise that she can't sleep. Hope to catch you guys again soon. How about a cover of Who Are You?

Anonymous said...

I second all of that comment. Love ALIMO, and John Entwhistle, called THE OX!

lisa said...

"firecracker" -- cool. i like that!
maybe i should make it my ring name or something. ;)
anyhow - thank you for coming to our gig on Saturday, and i'm sorry i couldn't say hello to you directly...
yes - definitely come see us again!

thanks. :)
By the way, "WHO are YOU"?