Thursday, June 08, 2006


We've just had a WONDERFUL gig last Saturday at WHAT THE DICKENS, Ebisu.
To all the boys and girls who came out to see us, danced and sung with us,
THANK YOU SO MUCH for making it into such a great evening!
After our gig that night, the venue offered us another Saturday in August.
Will let you know the details when it nears.
Meanwhile -- our next gig is coming up later this month, on June 24th, Saturday,
at the Fiddler in Takadano-baba.
Please come!



sarah said...

Dear Ali-mo
I have never seen a group band like you, so life and so tremendous.
Please keep play for us, I love to see you again.


lisa said...

thank you so much for your sweet note!
yes, please come and see us again.

Sarah said...

Dear Ali-Mo

I came to Rock Factory last Saturday, and I saw you guys look so 'tired' if I could say so.
keep on the show... !