Thursday, May 29, 2008

Keyboardist Kent on a tear ...

A semi great gig, yeah ... like our drummer said about our first gig in months.

Started with a wet pus--oops--a rainy night, no sound check, a guitarist who prefers to "practice" on his new girl friend rather than his old guitar...
a keyboardist in a trance-like daze, incapable of staying focused throughout the night, a bassist who refused to hammer out his amp, and yes,
the drummer himself with his "pay me more, you get more" attitude took the whole band by surprise by leaving out the last verse of "Turning Japanese"--his newfound pride has no doubt taken its toll again.

Then again, just as I tried hard to strike the right keys on "Light My Fire,"
Ali-mo's self-proclaimed most devoted fan, a Turk you've probably seen hanging around at each and every gig we've had, tried hard to light his own fire. I would have definitely needed at least 20 beers to blur my vision and fray my nerves.
Shame on you Sherif ! Fix your behavior or you'll be kicked off the A-Life team for sure!! To those who have no idea about this nerd-hating, 38 year-old having Turk with the
maturity of an 18 year-old, watch out for him at our gigs.
Tatoo my arse !!

Well, hope to have a better gig next month. Cheers.

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