Monday, May 26, 2008

Semi-Great Saturday Nights

We here at ALI-MO have branded the band's weekend gig as 'semi-great,' partly because we enjoy flattering ourselves (hence the 'great'), partly because we are draconian realists who know, for example, that our first set really blew.

To be fair to the band, we were denied a sound-check. To be fair to me, I could not hear the bass guitar or my own voice throughout the first set. To be fair to our guitarist, who is a genius: he had no time to practice, none at all. To be fair to our keyboardist, hallucinatory drugs will eventually take their toll. And to be fair to the other two members, the reach for perfection is always painful.

To be even fairer to me, I am not yet being compensated at a rate high enough to justify singing all three verses of "Turning Japanese." When that changes, you'll get the full song, uninterrupted by errant, mistimed drum snafus and gurgling noises.

Thanks to all of YOU, however, the next two sets rocked the Roob Bldg. to its flinty foundations. Big kudos to the thumping, bumping danceroos on the floor whose swaggering backsides pumped us through "Sweet Emotion" (our first live outing with that sucker), "Funky Music," "Money Changes Everything" and more. Arigato, ne?

And vast wells of gratitude to the fine and very friendly young woman in halter top and skintight denims who lobbed her lacy bra and bottoms my way. Only thing is, they don't fit. Two sizes up next time?

Ah, speaking of which: Sunday, June 15, same bat cave ...

--gene krupa

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Anonymous said...

clearly i left your gig too early since i didn't see any airborne underwear. because i've never had the irresistible urge to fling my undies at anyone or anything, i've always wanted to know the following:

1. are these items that the thrower takes off while gyrating to the music and throws on stage in a fit of frenzy? (a sign of adoration, however misplaced it might be)

2. or are these items that the thrower brings (not wears) from home and tosses on stage like confetti? (not unlike the props one brings to midnight showings of "the rocky horror picture show")

3. does the thrower toss old frayed lace undies and bras she no longer wants to wear on stage? (a form of recycling, as it were)

4. or, does she go out and buy a size that would suggest that she is more slim or buxom or voluptuous than she thinks she is? (wishful thinking)

5. and what does the recipient of said items do with women's underwear two sizes too small? (on second thought, i don't think i want to know the answer to that one.)

6. or is the underwear returned to the thrower out of gratitude, politeness, or something else? (maybe i don't want to know the answer to that one either.)

7. and finally, do men throw undies at the band as well?

inquiring minds want to know. thanks for the great music. good luck with your next gig.