Monday, July 14, 2008

So long, farewell, and remember the olamo!

We had a lot of fun playing our last concert for the summer at Billy's Beer Bar in Aoyama on Saturday night. The crowd was full of energy - or was it alcohol? - and the manager of the bar graced us with a few excellent jazzy solos on his guitar. Thanks to all our friends who joined us.

It was also the last engagement for me with Ali-Mo, as your humble bassist is moving on from Nippon. I've been playing with the band for about a year now, and I must say it's been a fantastic experience and lots of fun. Ali-Mo is made up of some extremely talented and wonderful people, and it was a great privilege for me to play with them (the keyboardist, however, is an incorrigible rogue).

And for the record, Ali-Mo is also the only gaijin rock band in Japan with a Lamborghini.

Since we had a mid-afternoon sound check a full four hours before our gig on Saturday, we spent quite a bit of time in the neighborhood. We handed out flyers for the concert, had steak in a restaurant that seemed stuck in the year 1962, discussed make-believe marsupials and counseled one of our members on matters of love. It brought home to me the fact that being in a band isn't just about playing music, it's about friendship. And I will miss these friends very much.

Before I am overcome with tears, let me say thank you to all in the band. I hope we'll have the chance to play together again. But for now - so long, farewell, and remember the olamo!


Kent said...

me incorrigible rogue ..ehm..I like that Tim ..thanks ..

lisa said...

Thanks so much for everything. It's really sad that you have to leave Tokyo, but it's been really great playing with you. Not only were you awesome on stage, you've also left us with some very interesting bits and stories. I'm sure we'll always remember the olamo. They're so furry and cute!
Anyhow, I wish you the best for your future, where ever you go and whatever you decide to do.
But once an ALi-MO, always an ALi-MO, ne. We'll jam again one of these days.
Hugs and Kisses,

MIB said...

there is fly come and there is flew out, its naturally just like black bird is singing in the dead of night...

Thanks alot for joined Alimo Tim, we may come to Tokyo again and play on the same stage with them... one day.