Friday, July 11, 2008


This weekend, the two surviving members of the brilliant and now ancient British rock band, THE WHO, are being feted in Los Angeles, with several young American bands--including The Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam--performing Who songs live, and for a later broadcast on VH-1.

Here's a guide to WHO Heaven in LA.

The same weekend, the ancient, multi-cultural Tokyo rock band, ALi-MO, will be feted by... themselves!

In Aoyama Saturday night:

ALi-Mo's last Summer gig.

Coincidence? I think NOT!!

(Er, well, okay, it probably is an accident. And we can't jump as high or play as loud as the almighty WHO. But we do have passion, and that counts for something, ne?)

If you're not otherwise occupied in LA--join us in Tokyo!

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