Tuesday, June 03, 2008

a bit of history...

Feeling ennui, solitary, and somewhat nostalgic on a wet, chilly, tuesday night after having a less-than-perfect gyoza dinner in the neighborhood.
And so as i'm sitting here listening to my laundry going round and round, i guess i'll just take a minute to talk a bit about how i came to meet these Ali-Mo members in the first place.

The first one i met was Richie. I met him through this guy named Joe -- whom I have no idea now about where he is or what he is doing. Some people are like that, aren't they? They just come into your life, hook you up with people that end up changing it totally, and then just dissappear. Anyhow, Joe, after finding out that i was a vocalist, invited me to a party that his colleague was having at his apartment in Gotanda. He said that this guy's place was amazing -- he could play music and instruments as loud as he wanted, and the neighbors never complained. Okay, cool, I thought. And so we get to his place, ring his doorbell, and out comes this curly haired guy wearing a nurse's outfit. Yes, that was Richie. And okay, it was a costume party, so, whatever. We played and sang that night - maybe some old Janis Joplin and Beatles songs. We hit it off right away, and soon started talking about forming a real band.

Speaking of costumes though, the last member I met in our present Ali-Mo line-up was Tim. On the night that I found out that he was a bassist and asked him if he would like to join the band, I believe I served him milk tea wearing a maid's costume. But my memory isn't too clear.

my laundry's done. gotta go -- i'll get around to the other guys later, maybe next week. ;)


stacy d. said...

you look gorgeous, lisa, as always. and you sing even better. can't wait to see you on the 15th!

lisa said...

hi stacy,
thanks for the comment.
yes, see you on the 15th!
btw, we're planning to do that song you requested. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Great Vocalist,
I am sure not all people like your friend Joe, I am still staying close and watching you (LOL) here But, sad.... my name wasn't here though