Thursday, June 05, 2008

a@life team ..

Me , your villain keyboardist , known as gurasan-debu-oyaji in alife and mother of all mentally retarded Chink (Gurasan-debu-oyaji stands for fatty oldman with sunglasses )and its perfectly describes myself in such a way . thanks to those alife’s Otakus .
alife , a “second to none” kind of “pick up” club is where I have myself pretty well entertained of on weekends and a place always packed with heaps of “ breath taking “ seductive amois you won’t be able to resist not to lay your fingers on ..believe me .... bento and sandwich , Tim !! ..


Anonymous said...

easy, old man. you're looking like a heart attach waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

what the f---?
is that guy your keyboard player?

Tim said...

Besides playing keys, his other talent is political correctness. Gangsta!