Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Calling Mr. Milk

I, your humble bass player, am delighted to announce that I have found the perfect stage partner for Ali-Mo's lithe and lovely singer Lisa.

This gentleman is as full of vim, vigor and vitality as our gyrating chanteuse, who, it goes without saying, is the sine qua non of our little gang of oyaji noodlers.

I speak of Mr. Milk Suzuki.

Mr. Suzuki is front man for Tokyo Milk Babies, a hardcore/speed band that's as funny as it is energetic. I happened upon Suzuki-san and his cohort, guitarist Mr. Popcorn, in Yoyogi Park last weekend and was so inspired by their musical prowess and raw power that I recorded the video that follows.

Milk's prodigious talents are not confined to songwriting, dancing and bovine impersonation (the perfect match for Lisa's French maid persona). He is also known to offer his cheek to passerby for free slaps, helping people relieve their stress through a bit of the old ultra-violence.

This superman looks kindly upon mere mortals like myself - he presented me with a CD, gratis, of Tokyo Milk Babies tunes, which is certain to blow my mind (when I get around to listening to it).

What would happen if Lisa and Milk teamed up on stage? The audience might melt in the full blast of their raw sexual energy, the universe might explode, but it would be one hell of a show.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mr. Milk can shake his butt like your singer does. You should get them together and choreograph something--especially if you play more Aerosmith.

Tim said...

Check out the video, Milk can shake it all! We'll invite him as a guest cow.

Ptyx said...

Inspiring !

SinlessTouch said...

I wonder what would be like if Mr. Milk wore a french maid costume?! that would be really something cool or what?!