Monday, June 16, 2008

Tired on a Sunday night

Well, it's pretty late on a Sunday night after our Amnesty International gig so too tired to write much. Overall, a pretty good gig and the crowd was great!

I have some great Jap-lish photos somewhere to add to Kent's contributions.
Anyway, gotta go to bed and join the land of the working slaves early tomorrow morning.

Below is one of the funniest 'how to speak English' videos I've ever seen! Check out how the camera does close ups of their shoulders!!


lisa said...

okay... the bushy eyebrows suggest that this was something from the 80s.
but come on, is this serious??

Tim said...

Yes, this is from a Fuji TV show called 英会話体操 Zuiikin' English that originally aired in 1992.